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She Drew That began as a monthly meet up for freelance animation women based in London. Run by Hannah Lau-Walker, She Drew That has developed into a multi-platform community striving to find new ways to develop women's skills and talents and help in combating the gender inequality found within the animation industry.

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Here you can find a back catalogue of talks given during She Drew That's monthly workshops. Featuring prominent Directors, Producers, and creatives within the London animation community. Here they share their experiences as well as their process.


Check out the films created from the first She Drew That Residency, developed in partnership with Strange Beast. Here we took three womxn from the industry and gave them the chance to develop their own SDT Stings. During the process, we were able to provide lectures based on the production of a commerical animation, mentorships, and feedback on their progress.


The She Drew That Podcast is a platform to share the experiences of women from the UK animation industry. Digging into different areas of animation and shedding light on the many career paths one can take within the industry.

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