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'Yeah, I'm good thanks' Trailer

Created by

Hannah Lau-Walker



Sound Design

Olga Wojciechowska


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Whilst messaging online a woman contemplates being honest about how she’s really been doing.

Winner of the 'Depict British Award 2022'


The jury was impressed by the film’s clear vision. It showed restraint and has real emotional depth” and “can’t wait to see what Hannah gets up to next.”

Selected Press


Depict 'British Award 2022'

Short to the point 'Best Mini Short 2022'

Selection & Screenings

British Animation Awards 2024

Brussels Independent Film Festival 2024

Monstra 2023

Primanima 2023

La Guarimba 2023

Mecal Festival 2023

Fest Anča 2023

Mini Cardiff Animation Festival 2023

Kaboom 2023

35 Filmfest Dresden 2023

Festival of Animation Berlin 2023

Animaze 2023

Brighton International Animation Festival 2023

British Shorts Film Festival 2023

TIAF 2023

Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2023

Covent Garden 2023

Greenwich Film Festival 2023

Festival Mental 2023

Kurz Klub 2023

Lucid Dream 2023

Depict 2022

Sea of Art 2022 *Honorable Mention

Short Film Factory 2022 *Honorable Mention

Short to the Point 2022

Kino Bled 2022

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